Why are watches made of stainless steel?

As you know, watches, in addition to being one of the accessories that are used to inform the watch as a watch, are also one of the accessories for beauty, which are also widely used in fashion. Therefore, watches should be made of They are well made so that they are durable and can be used for a long time. Of course, it is also important to note that some counterfeit and inexpensive watches have a shorter lifespan and should not be expected to have a long life. Have a lot. Inflammations that are well-known brands and are bought by certain people are prepared with the aim of having high-quality material, durability, color, and long life. For this reason, some famous watch brands that produce beautiful decorative watches use high-quality metal until the people who buy their watches are satisfied.


Watches may be made of different metals, but many branded and original watches are made of metal and stainless steel because they have a long shelf life. As we know, when we use watches, our hands may be in contact with water, and for this reason, it is better than the material of the watches to be of good quality so that they do not rust near the weather and maintain their beauty.

However, below are the metals and materials that watches are made of:

– stainless steel

It should be noted that stainless steel is a combination and alloy of ferrous metals, carbon, chromium that is used for watchmaking. In addition, watches made of stainless steel do not rust in the presence of water and oxygen but also wear very lightly. Instead, with the use of stainless steel, in addition to being completely lightweight watches, but also resistant to corrosion. In general, it can be said that watches made of stainless steel are hard to scratch are very resistant to impact. And they do not rust, they have durability and longevity, and it is the most popular tool for making different types of watches.

– ceramic

It is good to know that ceramics, which are a kind of saturated material used to make watches, have a combination of zirconium oxide. Many people who have used watches with this material have expressed their comfort and say that the clocks are very good and comfortable with this material and have expressed their satisfaction. We can also say that the use of ceramics is used for very luxury watches.

– Titanium

Titanium is another item that can be used to make different types of watches. In general, it can be said that titanium is used in alloys and alloys with other metals to make watches. Watches made of titanium have many strengths and advantages. Since titanium itself is light, it makes watches that use titanium. This material can also be made light. Therefore, it can be said that watches that want to be light can be made using this metal. In addition to being light, watches that are made using titanium will be more durable. In this case, titanium weighs about half the weight of stainless steel. It is stainless, but the strength and durability of titanium are about twice that of stainless steel. This material is usually used to make durable and high-power luxury watches.

– White gold

White gold is one of the most precious pure metals that can be used in watchmaking. But this precious metal is usually used in combination and alloy with silver or palladium. White gold is also trendy in watchmaking and is used. The use of gold White is almost like steel in watchmaking, and that is why it is so popular. This metal is mostly used for watches that have very high durability and several generations.

What is stainless steel?

In the above section, we introduced the different types of metals and materials that were used for watchmaking. Now we want to know what stainless steel is used in watchmaking. It is better to know that stainless steel in metallurgy and metallurgy is also known by different names such as steel and stainless steel. The stainless steel grade is used in various types of other metals such as chromium, carbon, nitrogen, aluminum. It should be noted that stainless steel. It is created by using a thin layer of chrome on its surface. When this layer is sticky and inactive on the metal, it makes it resistant to attacks caused by corrosion and impact. Even if it is damaged and scratched, it can be repaired.

How can we increase the resistance of stainless steel?

– Increase the amount and percentage of chromium used. About more than 11%

– Increase the amount of nickel used in the chemical composition. More than 8%

– Add molybdenum to the chemical composition.

The stainless steel used in watchmaking can have good resistance to rust. The costs used to repair it are also lower. Its surface is smooth and polished, which adds to the beauty of the watch. All the above, high-strength stainless steel is also drilled and can have good corrosion resistance.

What is the difference between stainless steel and plain steel?

If you want to know the difference between stainless steel and plain steel why plain steel is not used in watchmaking, we wish to point out in this section what the differences are between plain and stainless steel. One of the apparent differences between plain steel and stainless steel is that plain steel, unlike stainless steel, does not have an oxide layer and therefore is not used in watchmaking. Ordinary steel does not have some of the salient features of stainless steel. This is also not a good case for watchmaking.

Did stainless steel also corrode?

To answer the question of whether stainless steel also corrodes or not, we must say that yes, even stainless steel may corrode. However, the question may arise for you that we said above that stainless steel is strong and durable. The strength and durability of stainless steel are some of its prominent features, but it is possible that this metal will corrode.


Factors that cause corrosion of stainless steel are as follows:

Existence of some strong chlorides: It is normal for stainless metals to corrode when exposed to stainless metals.

Bonding of dissimilar metals or their welders: One of the common mistakes that can be made is that some people mistakenly bond different metals to each other, which results in corrosion. They are bonded differently through an electrolytic substance, possibly transmitting an electric current from one sense to another, a process that allows the metal to easily accept electrons and cause the metal to corrode.

High temperature in stainless steel: Another factor that causes corrosion of stainless steel is very high temperature. Since stainless steel is not resistant to high temperatures and can corrode, it is not suitable for making watches that may be resistant to high temperatures. As we said, watches made of titanium are the most resistant to high temperatures.

So, we knew that stainless steel is one of the materials used to make watches because it does not rust. In addition to stainless steel, other materials are used for watchmaking, each of which has its own advantages. If you are looking for a high-strength stainless steel watch, stainless steel watches are the most suitable. Titanium watches are also among the light and high-temperature resistant watches.

Watches that are also made of white gold are more suitable for watches that have a long life and can be given as a gift from one generation to another. Of course, because white gold is expensive and valuable, watches made from it will also be costly.