DOTNEK™️ watches is a swiss brand of accuracy and elegance. DOTNEK™️ timepieces are manufactured in Solothurn, Switzerland under Swiss made official license and it is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia in the heart of Europe.  The contested mark was also registered under trademark number 90036185.

The watches are all made of high end materials and the design and technology are based on highest standards.

Our focus lies on combining elegance, technology, and quality to make a different class of watches.


In 2016, Khazeni founded the company as an alias of Akantor in Austria.

It took three years of research to create the designs, patent, technologies and trademark.

In 2019, the headquarter moved to Bratislava, Slovakia with the Current Brand name as “DOTNEK”.

In 2020, new patents are fully registered and the first model is manufactured by the name of “Rally Cross”.

There were just 99 unique limited amount of timepieces which are sold in less than a month.

skillful material combinations

DOTNEK got famous with their smart design, supreme quality and accuracy.

All materials are in high quality with a smart combination of those materials.

The watch calibers are all Swiss movements, and all parts and all manufacturing process are cased up in Switzerland.

DOTNEK brand, now based in the city Solothurn in Switzerland, is a brand that managed to absolve the art of combining materials that seemingly do not go well together.

Some of DOTNEK watches are made from elements such as titanium and zirconium, also handling high-tech alloys specially developed by the company.


In 2020, by visiting the manufacturing, J. C. Bachmann, the old famous watch enthusiast interested on the patent and the design and decided to invest more on the watch models.

In 2021, with an investment of J.C. Bachmann, the watch model “Drift-Master”, the masculine style and nicer chronograph is launched and the Brand became famous all around the world in few months, because of the watch quality and accuray.

In 2021, To increase the public profile of the brand DOTNEK, they have engaged in a number of sponsorship deals.

They agreed a sponsorship deal with the a social media club “Panor”, in United states and they are now sponsors of hundreds of social influencers.

The goal is to create more specific models than can change the watch industry in future.

DOTNEK watch brand