What is the most popular watch size?

All watch collectors are aware of the importance of a proper fitting wristwatch as if you wear one which is bigger or smaller than your wrist, it won’t look good and may negatively affect your appearance. Hence, so you have to consider some points while choosing the best-suited watch.

In this article, we will mention these tips in addition to specifying the most popular size for watches that are usually selected by customers as it is more standard so that it is more likely to be fit on many people.

But, first of all, let’s mention different types of wristwatches and give you some information about each of them to help you have the best decision while choosing one.


Different types of watches:

There are various types of them, and each of which can be used for a specific occasion, or you can choose the one which is suitable for every occasion; it should be noted that there are many ways to classify them, but here, we will discuss some types to make this article more clarified.

If we want to classify them based on the watch display, we can mention analog, hybrid, digital, and touchscreen watches, each of which will be described below.

Analog watches:

These types are more traditional, so you may have seen your parents wearing them as they have simple designs, which is mostly the choice of customers interested in a classic look.

It has an hour hand in addition to a minute hand, and some of them may be equipped with a second hand; its numbers can be both traditional and Roman, each of which has its attraction for customers interested in classical ones.

Hybrid watches:

If you are interested in the previous model but you want to take advantage of smart functions and modern apps at the same time, this one is a perfect choice for you, as it has the same hands in addition to a classic look.

Digital watches:

In this type of display, the time is shown in digits instead of being displayed by hours and minutes hands; it also has some additional abilities like keeping track of time and calculating the distance, which can be helpful for travelers who want to know the exact space they have accomplished.

Touchscreen watches:

As its name implies, this watch can be controlled by touching the items on its screen so that it will be easier to take advantage of its numerous facilities; if we want to set an excellent example for this type, we can mention the Apple Watch that has many enthusiasts all around the words because of its many features in addition to having touchscreen facility.

If we want to categorize watches based on their movements, we can mention quartz watches, chronometer watches, automatic watches, and so on.

Quartz watches:

This category belongs to watches that are powered by a battery, they are so accurate, and their prices are reasonable at the same time, in addition, they are more accurate than mechanical watches and more durable compared to automatic watches, these positive points have made this type of watches popular among customers.

Chronometer watches:

The word “chronometer” only is specified on mechanical timepieces that passed many tests to get a COSC certificate, so as you can tell, it is so accurate it achieves a precision of a 0.1-second loss per day, which is incredible.

Automatic watches:

These are also called self-winding watches as they do not need batteries to work, and they will be wound by the natural motions of the wearer’s wrist; it should be noted that they are not as accurate as quartz watches, but they are more expensive than them due to their particular function.

If we want to categorize them based on their functionality, we can mention chronograph watches, dive watches, smartwatches, and many more, each of which will be described in the following.

Chronograph watches:

A chronograph is an additional function of a timepiece with the help of which you can keep track of time like a stopwatch, this type of timepiece contains 2 or 3 sub-dials, each of which are specified for showing second, minute, and hour, the process of keeping track of time can be controlled by its buttons so that you can start, stop and reset the function using them.

Dive watches:

This kind of watch is designed to withstand the high pressure of water. There are different types of them, each of which can tolerate a specific amount of water pressure. Hence, you have to pay attention to the numbers written on your wristwatch, which indicates the amount of force it can tolerate.

It is equipped with a thick rubber gasket which gives more protection against the pressure, and a rotating bezel that gives you the opportunity to keep track of time.


When you own a smartwatch, you can access applications of your smartphone on your watch; it also syncs notifications, so it makes everything easier for you.

There are various types of it, each of which provides you with specific functions; some of them may be water-resistant, the others may have the ability to measure your heart rate, and lots of other features that you can take advantage of if you own one.

As you can see, there are countless types of watches that can be categorized in different ways, but we have mentioned some of them to make you aware of the variety of their types.
As we have mentioned above, the other important thing that must be taken into consideration while choosing the best watch is that it must fit your wrist; otherwise, it does not look good, there is a popular size which fits many customers’ wrists which is going to be mentioned below.

The most popular size:

If you want to find the best watch size for yourself, you have to consider three points; first, you should look at the watch case height; second, the lugs (the part that connects the case to the strap) should not be larger than your wrist to be more comfortable and protect the watch from scratches, and third, pay attention to the case thickness as the watches with the thick cases may look so big, on the other hand, the ones with the thin cases do not look good either.

The point that has been mentioned above was about finding the best size for yourself, but some watch sizes are mostly chosen by customers.

42mm to 46mm is usually selected for classic watches, 40mm to 54mm for sports watches, and 38mm to 46mm is selected for dress watches.

As you can tell, preferences differ from each other according to the type of watch you choose so that if you are not too picky in finding the best size, you can get help from these numbers and choose a popular one according to the type of watch you want.


Last word:

We tried to discuss some types of watches in this article because if you want to make the best decision and choose the right one, you have to know different kinds of them to decide with awareness.

After being aware of its kinds, you should know which one suits you better; in this article, we have mentioned the tips that must be taken into consideration while buying them. We have also pointed out the most popular sizes that people prefer to use.

As you can see, sizes differ from each other according to the types such as classic, sport, and dress watch so that you can choose one based on them.

We hope this article can be helpful for you, and you can take advantage of the points that have been mentioned here to choose the best option according to your preferences.

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