Why are precious stones and jewelry used inside the watch motor?

When you buy a watch, you may be faced with the issue of what jewelry is used in watches and what is the reason why jewelry is used inside watches. In this article, we want to explain what some of the jewels used for tracking watches are for and what they are used for.


As you know, watches are one of the most attractive devices that are more popular because they are portable and are used to show the exact time. Of course, it is better to know that they can also have other features and applications and offer identical times. Watches are made of minimal components with a very complex arrangement. The exciting thing about watches is that it is a small case with minimal parts and all microscopic objects with complexity inside. These compartments are small and can work well and give people accurate timing. These tiny objects present in the watches cause them to perform their functions and duties correctly and with high accuracy. Some watchmakers use precious stones or jewelry in watchmaking because they want to reduce friction by using precious stones and jewelry inside watches. So, we know that the reason why some jewelry or gemstones are used in watchmaking is to eliminate the friction that is used between the metals in watchmaking. In this case, the metal parts used in watchmaking cause friction during movement, and because this friction between metals is eliminated during the campaign, jewelry and precious stones are used. Wheel train bearings can be used over time and use. They will soon wear out, especially if we do not oil them. They may deteriorate and wear out faster. Using these precious stones and jewelry will prevent the friction that causes them to wear out quicker and eliminate the conflict.

Of course, it is essential to know that it is often mentioned that mechanical watches use jewelry and precious stones to eliminate friction. Still, it is better to know that these precious stones and jewelry may also be used in some quartz watches. In other words, we can say that jewelry and precious stones are used in mechanical watches to eliminate or reduce friction and eliminate and reduce friction in quartz watches that can be used.

Why do jewels have some jewelry and some precious stones?

To answer this question, I say that the use of jewelry and precious stones is much easier than you think. In the above part, we responded to this question and said that jewelry and precious stones are used to reduce or eliminate the friction between the metals used inside the watch. This means that you may have imagined that these jewels and some precious stones are used for more decoration and beauty inside watches, but the fact is that these jewels and precious stones are used to reduce the friction between metals.

In this case, if the metals are rubbed on other metals without being coated, and the incarnation speed is high, some metal parts may be damaged and will be destroyed and damaged in a faster period. Lubricate quickly to prevent wear and tear, or some jewelry and precious stones should be used to avoid this from happening and prevent metals from being rubbed and damaged on top of each other. As you know, lubrication is possible. It takes time, and before we know it, the watch needs to be lubricated, the metals may be rubbed against each other and damaged. In other words, we can say that we may not know the exact time when the watch needs to be lubricated, and for this reason, our watch will break down. To solve this problem, watchmakers use the jewelry and some precious stones.

Of course, it is better to know that watchmakers first used some semi-precious stones such as rubies and emeralds, but today some artificial rocks have been made to use these types of stones in watches.


In which part of the watch are precious stones and jewels used the most?

It is best to know that these gems and stones are used to prevent wear and reduce friction between metals at their pivot points and in the gear train.

As you know, the price and value of jewelry are very high, and it may be that some watchmakers or unscrupulous sellers use jewelry in parts of the watch that are not needed. The exact use of jewelry and precious stones in some features of the watch that are not needed causes the watch’s price to go very high. In other words, they increase the cost of watches indiscriminately.

It may also give the impression to individuals and buyers that this watch is highly-priced means that it is very complex and valuable. But in fact, this watch is the usual cheap watch that the alternative of using jewelry in some extra parts has caused an excessive increase in the price of the watch. The function and value of the watch are the same. Of course, it is better to know that a costly watch or that jewelry is used too much does not mean that the watch can work well. In some cases, there may be a large amount of jewelry and gemstones to the detriment of the performance of watch parts.

As mentioned above, the number of jewels and precious stones used in watches depends on the complexity and the metal used in them, and some mechanical watches may have many gemstones and precious stones used.

In general, if we want to answer why jewelry and precious stones are used in watches, we say that to increase the watch’s life and prevent wear and friction between the metals used inside the watch, jewelry and precious stones are used. But some unscrupulous people can use a large amount of jewelry, which leads to an excessive increase in the watch’s price. In this case, people should not be deceived and say that because the price is high and a lot of jewelry is used, it has a good performance. Excessive use of jewelry and precious stones may not only improve the performance of watches for hours but may also impair their performance.

Another point and reason that jewelry is used in making watches is the accuracy of the watches. In other words, we like to have a very accurate speed and accurately raises and shows us the exact time. In this case, watches made in Switzerland are always in the top rank and can operate with very high accuracy. It is also worth noting that the quality of jewelry used to make watches can affect their accuracy.

The quality of the jewelry used in watches makes them work more accurately because the biggest obstacle that makes watches not work correctly is friction. By using jewelry and precious stones, friction is eliminated, and the watch’s accuracy increases.