What is Acrylic Crystal Glass?

protection, it is better to follow this article to get acquainted with them.

As you know, all watches have a transparent cover that can be used to care for and increase the security of the look and its digital screen. These glasses are used to protect the watch, and its digital screens have different types. This type of case and glass cover used to protect the look is also called crystal. In general, three different types of glass are used to protect their watches, hands, and digital screens. Of course, it is also worth noting that some watchmakers have special protective glass to preserve their looks. The design and production of these types of protective glass are not discussed in this article. We want to discuss the three types of protective glass generally available in the market and introduce them to you.


Acrylic watch glasses

It is worth mentioning that acrylic watch glasses are made of Plastic, polymer, or acrylic. Plastic is more durable, yet it is also very soft and flexible. That is why it is soft and supple and has a high Plastic duct. It has become one of the best choices for making watch glass, and it is used to make different types of watch glass. Plastic is soft and flexible, and Daria has a high degree of flexibility that has allowed watchmakers to use it. They can cut it into any shape they want. Plastic, as we said, has a soft texture and high flexibility, and for this reason, it can be turned into any form, and then it has a very high resistance to impact. Famous brands such as swatch and flick flak use acrylic glass to make their watch glass.

It is also better to know that watchmakers appreciate acrylic because it is affordable and does not cost much. They were protected to protect the watches. These protective glasses also have a soft and flexible nature, and of course, they have a very high resistance that can be very resistant to impact. Watchmakers can mass-produce Acrylics and use them in their production of watches, which does not cause much cost. Of course, it is better to know that acrylics can often be seen in low-end watches that are cheaper and cheaper. Acrylic and Plastic are not used to make protective glass in luxury watches.

Acrylic has a state and nature that can be turned into different forms. For example, if you want to make a watch in the shape of a .8 dome, you can do it using soft and flexible acrylic.

Advantages of acrylic glass

As mentioned, acrylic glasses made of Plastic have a lot of flexibility and softness. They are meager cost, convenient and affordable.

Acrylic glasses are also very impact-resistant. The flexibility of acrylic makes them highly resistant to impact. This feature can be one of the best diving and sports watches. Sports watches and diving watches need to use protective glass with high resistance to impact because they are associated with impact and intensity. Acrylic can withstand many shocks, except for some of the most serious, And the most substantial consequences should be resistant and absorb them and have resistance against them. But if the amount and intensity of the blow are very high, it may take only a tiny scratch but not crush.

Acrylic glass, used as a protective glass for hours, can be polished. A positive and essential point about acrylic glass is that it can be effortlessly polished if needed, and some scratches have been created. It was shiny and shaved if it was shallow and not deep.

Daria acrylic glasses are the least reflective. The reflection capability for watch glass can be the most appropriate feature. In this case, they do not reflect light, making it possible for you to easily read the exact time and time using the watch’s digital display.

Disadvantages of acrylic glass

One of the disadvantages of the acrylic watch glass is that this type of glass has low resistance to scratches. In other words, we can say that this type of glass can easily scratch. Although it has a high resistance to impact, Plastic does not have good resistance to scratches and quickly removes scratches.

Another disadvantage and negative point about acrylic glasses are that their continued use may become cloudy over time. The same clear and protective glass of the watch is overcast and gray. Even if the watch is wrong and has Scratch conditions, if it is not placed, it may become cloudy over time and with continued use, and this cloudiness problem can also be solved with a bit of polishing.

Mineral watch glasses

Mineral glass is also a mid-range product that can protect watches. It is worth noting that mineral glass is more expensive than acrylic plastic glass. Mineral glass is the same class that may be in the window. You can also find them in your home. This means that mineral glass is also present in window glass. Mineral glass is also silica, has everyday durability, and is more resistant to scratches. It is also worth noting that medium watches also have average prices Made of these mineral glasses. Of course, the cost of mineral glass may not be very low for beginners, but in general, we can say that mineral glass is cheaper and more suitable than blue glass, and its strength is higher than acrylic glass.


Advantages of mineral glass

It is worth mentioning that mineral glass has a very high resistance to scratches. Of course, it is better to know that mineral glass is not as resistant to scratches as sapphires, but in general, they have good resistance to scratches. Medium durability and very high resistance to scratches are some of the advantages of mineral glass for hours.

Mineral watch glasses have an affordable price, so the production of mineral glasses is higher than acrylic glasses and, of course, cheaper than ruby glasses. But in general, it can be said that they have a reasonable and affordable price.

Appearance beauty and high transparency are other advantages of mineral glass. However, it is difficult to distinguish which glass is ruby and which mineral glass is armed with the naked eye. This means that the beauty of mineral glass is like ruby, and this is one of its advantages.

Disadvantages of mineral glass

Mineral glass has normal or relatively low impact resistance, although it has a higher resistance to scratches.

Ruby watch glasses

Ruby is also one of the best and most privileged materials for producing watch glasses and is also one of the most valuable and expensive ones. This type of glass can be used for luxury and expensive watches. It is worth mentioning that ruby glasses are handmade and used mainly for handmade and costly watches made by hand. Working with natural rubies is very difficult and, of course, expensive, and that is why watchmakers can make watches. They use handmade sapphires. Handmade sapphires, or synthetic sapphires, are known as corundum and are produced through processes invented in laboratories in 1900.

The benefits of sapphires

Sapphires are very resistant to scratches and can show excellent resistance to scratches from the hood, thus preventing scratches on them. The resistance of rubies to scratches is so high that only diamonds can scratch it. Create. So we can say that this is one of the best choices for luxury watches.

Impact resistance is another advantage of this material, which can also have good impact resistance.

Disadvantages of sapphire glass

One of its disadvantages is that it is reflective and causes light reflection, which leads to the fact that the watch’s digital display can not be clearly and easily seen.

High and expensive cost is another disadvantage that not everyone can afford and is often used for expensive and luxury watches.