What is a good size watch for men?

As you know, it is essential to pay attention to the size of your wrist when buying watches so that you can make a watch that fits the size of your wrist. Make a watch of the correct size. You must know the size of your wrist to prepare the best size for yourself. Of course, it is also worth noting that there are no rules to pay attention to when buying a watch. There are watch sizes for the wrist that you should pay attention to. Below we will point out more detailed and detailed points that you should pay attention to when buying a watch to choose the most suitable size of watch for yourself. The first and most important thing in buying a watch with the right size is that you feel comfortable using the watch and do not be bothered because of your annoyance.

Choosing the right size of the watch may seem a bit complicated, but it is worth noting that choosing the right size watch is much easier than you think, and in this article, we want to guide you by choosing your practical tips for choosing and buying the right size watch.


Wrist measurements

As you know, before you can make a watch for yourself, you must know the size of your wrist before you can prepare the most suitable size for your watch. You can make watches that are the right size for you. Knowing that your wrist fits into a bunch of sizes can guide you in choosing the best watch size. In addition, you may want to shop online and buy a watch, in which case it is best to know the size of your wrist until You can get a watch that suits your wrist, because it is not possible to try watches when shopping online, and you can choose one by choosing a watch.

How can we measure the wrist?

In the above section, we got acquainted with the importance of knowing the size and measurement of the wrist. In this section, we also want to tell you how to measure and determine the size of the wrist.

1- First, it is better to take a flexible and suitable tape for measuring.

2- Then wrap it on your wrist. Note that the tape should be wrapped where you hold your watch precisely in that part of your hand. This part should be below the wrist bone.

3- Then, remove the tape and place it on a measuring ruler to know the size of your wrist to hold and position the watch.

4- It is worth mentioning that if your wrist circumference is 14 to 16 cm, your wrist is skinny. If your wrist size is 16 to 17 cm, your wrist is also narrow. Wrist size 17 to 18 is medium, and size above 18 cm is very thick.

In addition to the wrist size, there are other things that we should pay attention to when buying. These are as follows:

In addition to your wrist size when buying a watch, we must also pay attention to other measures such as case diameter, case thickness, bandwidth, and band material. These items are also necessary and effective in preparing and buying watches.

Clock frame diameter

The diameter of the watch attracts a lot of attention, and it is better to pay attention to the diameter of the watch frame when choosing a watch and to choose it with high care. In general, the diameter of men’s watches is between 38 and 496 mm. Anything outside this limited or should be 38 to 46 mm, or it will be too big or too small. For the watch that you prepare for yourself to have the correct frame diameter, it is better to re-measure the size of your wrist, and according to the size of the wrist, you can determine the appropriate size and diameter of the watch.

If your wrist size is between 14 and 18 cm, it is better to provide a watch with a frame diameter of 38 to 42 mm that fits your wrist and is not too small or too large. If your wrist size is 18 cm or more, you can choose a watch with 44 to 46 mm.

Thick frame

After the size of the wrist and the diameter of the watch frame, you should pay attention to the thickness of the watch frame. They should be much larger than each other and not much less than each other, and it is better to fit together. According to this rule and the rule of the proportion of the depth of the watch frame and the diameter of the watch frame, Daria frame diameter is 38 to 42 mm and has a thickness of 7 mm. The thickness of the watch frame, which has a diameter of 44 cm, is about 9 mm.


Clock width

The width of the watch is another critical factor and size that you should pay attention to so that you can get the best watch with the best size for yourself. Most watches have a proportional width that is half the diameter of the watch. In other words, we can say that, in general, most watches have a strap half the diameter of the watch. For example, to better understand, if the diameter of your watch is 42 mm, the strap used for this watch will be about 21 mm. Of course, this is a rule, for It is not always used as a guide in most watches. Sometimes the watches’ straps are narrower or thicker, which is quite a taste.

Clock strap material

The next thing we need to pay attention to when buying a watch is the watch strap, which can also be effective in its size. Because metal straps are heavy and leather straps are thicker, it is suitable for watches that are large and suitable for large wrists. They are the best option. In this case, we can say that it is better for large wristbands and large watches that the watch strap is made of metal and heavy or leather and thicker. Choose.

Details of watches

Details such as the size of the hands, indicators, etc., can be influential in choosing a watch, and when buying a watch, it is better to pay attention to them until we prepare the best type of watch. Be effective. In this case, large and suitable watches for large wrists have many details and larger sizes, and for those with a small size ideal for small wrists, fewer details with less size have also been used.

How can we choose the right watch for our wrist?

To make a watch with the right size for your wrist, you should choose a watch with a petite frame and a narrower strap and strap width if you have a slim waist.

– If you have a thicker wrist, the watch you choose should have a larger diameter and size, and even the length and width of the strap should be significant.

  • Milani and leather straps are often and generally the most suitable for narrower wrists.

– For a narrow waist, choose a watch with a crowded design, and if you have a thick wrist, choose a watch with a minimal and straightforward procedure.

Apple watches for men with the most suitable size.

It is worth mentioning that the latest series of Apple Watches are 4, 5, 6, and SE series and have 40- and 44-mm frames. If the size of the men’s wrist is less than 18 cm, the Apple Watch is suitable with a size and structure of 40 mm. And the size of 44 mm is more convenient.