What factors shorten the life of your watch?

In this article, we want to tell you about how watches are kept and what things can reduce the watch’s life. Some factors can reduce your lifespan, and it is better to know them and not do them to have a longer watch. The life of watches can vary depending on how they are used and maintained. If you can take good care of it, you will have a longer watch. Today, many luxury and brand watches are produced, which means that people are looking for their watches. In addition to showing them the exact time, they also want their watches to be more beautiful. So, we can conclude that watches today have other uses and give accurate time; there are other uses as well. People who make watches expect that their watches will also have a beautiful appearance and show them the exact time. You will have a watch with long life and high durability.


Unfortunately, in many cases, people do not know how to keep watches and take care of them, and that is why their watches are less durable and long-lived. For having a watch that has a longer lifespan, it is better to know how to keep watches and take good care of them.

What should be considered in watch care, and what should we pay attention to?

When we use a watch, we all take it off our wrist and put it in a desk drawer, and many times we do not even know that these watches need maintenance and care, and we must take care of them. It’s also good to know that the lifespan of watches depends entirely on how they are maintained, and if we can take good care of them, we will be able to have a longer-lasting watch.

Since watches today are not the only means and tool to bread the exact time and are used for other applications, these watches also have material value. It also depends on the material and type of strap and frame, and other items.

Here are ten things to look for when selecting yours:

1- Keeping the watch away from sunlight: One of the things that you should pay attention to when keeping watches is that you should keep it away from direct sunlight so that the sun does not shine directly on it because direct sunlight can cause it to disappear. And the color of the watch becomes cloudy or, in a period, causes the battery quality of the watch to empty and disappear.

2- Watch box: When you buy a watch, the seller puts the trace in the box and gives it to you, and the fact that the seller puts it in the box and gives it to you does not mean beauty. The trick is to be able to put your watch inside the box so that it is safe from impact and to be able to take care of your watch against impact. So, it is better to put it inside the box when you open the watch from your wrist until If you do not have the watch box that you lost or lost when you bought it, it is better to get another suitable box sooner than they can put the watch in that box.

3- Stay away from moisture: When buying a watch, you should pay attention to whether your watch is waterproof or not. Depending on whether your watch is waterproof or not, you can decide to keep your watch. In other words, if your watch is not waterproof, it is better to put it in a place that is not in humidity because the watch will be damaged by being in moisture, and its lifespan will be reduced. Of course, it is essential to know that even if the watch is waterproof, it may deteriorate and shorten its lifespan when exposed to moisture. Therefore, it is better to be careful not to put your watch in place with water.

4- Moving the watch away from the magnet: The magnet is one of the things that may hurt your watch, and in other words, because the interest is a magnetic field, if it is placed next to your watch, it may affect the way it works and in addition, on the other hand, reduce its lifespan. For example, do not place the watch near appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, speakers, cell phones, etc., until your watch is damaged.

5- Keeping the watch away from different types of chemicals: The meaning of chemicals is different types of body lotions, different kinds of detergents, colognes, etc., which it is better not to expose our watch to contact with these chemicals. These materials can damage the watch and cause it to lose its color. If chemicals meet your watch strap, it may cause it to lose its color, and if your watch strap is leather, it may cause them to tear.


6 – Do not use during exercise: When you exercise, your body sweats, and the same sweating may cause moisture and thus damage your watch. This sweating may damage the strap of your watch, or even Some watches that are also anti-corrosion can cause damage if they are constantly exposed to moisture.

7- Preventing bumps and scratches: It is better to protect your watch against bumps and scratches until your watch is not damaged or scratched. As you know, bumps and scrapes can cause your watch to fail and harm its performance. When you want to make moves, it is better to take the watch out of your hand and then do so, in which case you will avoid hitting your watch. That hole of moisture and dust enters your watch and destroys it, and reduces its lifespan.

8- Continuous cleaning of the watch: Just as cleaning the watch has a positive effect on the watch and can prolong its life, in some cases, if we clean the watch regularly, it can damage it.

9- Opening the clock at home: Some people think they can open their watch and make repairs. But it is worth noting that ordinary people cannot do Yankee, and it is better to take the car to a specialist and watchmaker for repair until they do it.

10 – Regular service Another way that we must pay attention to the maintenance of the watch is regular service hours. In other words, we must take our watch to a dealer or specialist at particular times so that he can service our watch and prevent any problems that may cause it to break down.

Factors that may cause the watch to malfunction are as follows:

– Impact and fracture

– Storage at high temperature

– Store at freezing temperatures

– Humidity

– Cleaning the clock

– Continuous non-service

– Chemical contact

– Using a low-quality battery

– Exposure to the magnetic field

Heavy repairs and lack of specialized watches

We mentioned in this article some things that can damage the watch and reduce life. In this case, it is better not to do these things at all and observe until we have a watch with a long life. To have a long-lasting watch, we must pay attention to the items listed above and keep them.