How to clean our watch?

Today, watches are one of the things we use the most and we have more in our hands during the day. That is why it is so important for watches to be clean and beautiful. It is worth noting that some people pay a lot of money for watches rather than having beautiful watches. So cleaning and keeping the watches clean is one of the most important issues that we must pay attention to. Most watches are made of steel and steel is very resistant to scratches and scratches and that is why it is used in the watch industry. But unlike steel, which is resistant to scratches and scratches, it can get dirty in the dice with sweaty skin, which is why we must keep them clean or clean. There are many ways to clean your watch, and in this article, we want to tell you the most effective and best ways to clean your watch.


Hour cleaning methods

  • Cleaning the watch using a toothbrush: In this method of cleaning the watch, we must clean the surface of the watch using a soft cloth to remove all the dust that is on the surface of the watch. Usually in watches, especially steel watches, there are cracks and holes where dust enters through these types of cracks and makes the watch dirty. I use a toothbrush to remove any dust and scratches on the watch. In this cleaning method, we can easily remove all the dust in the watch slots by using a toothbrush.

In the second step of this method, to clean the watch, we must use another soft and clean cloth and soak it in a detergent, and then using a soft and clean cloth that has been soaked in the detergent, wipe the dial of the watch. Clean to make it transparent. Of course, you should be careful in choosing the detergent so that you must use substances that are not harmful to your watch face and do not cause damage to it.

Then, soak the toothbrush in detergent so that you can use it to cause the watch strap to swell. Of course, in choosing a detergent, you must be careful to choose a substance that is not chemical. Because steel straps are very sensitive for hours, and if they are exposed to chemical windmills, it can cause them to lose their color and damage them. If your watch strap can be removed, it is better to remove the strap from the watch and then put the strap in a mixture of water and detergent for fifteen minutes to remove all the dirt on the strap. Then remove the watch strap from the mixture of water and detergent and clean it with a toothbrush.

After cleaning the watch strap and the watch face, it is your turn to rinse the watch. You must be careful not to skip the drainage stage or to do so carefully. Pay attention to the waterproofness of your watch, if it is not waterproof, do not water it or damage it.

  • Cleaning the steel watch using a toothbrush and toothpick: In this method of cleaning the watch, we also need a microfiber cloth, a toothbrush with soft brushes and toothpicks, and sanitary wipes. First, check your watch carefully to see if there is any damage to your watch. If there are any parts that will damage your watch, fix it. For example, if your watch glass is broken, causing water to seep into your watch face, it is best to fix it so as not to damage the watch instead of cleaning it.

Once you have carefully inspected your watch to make sure there are no vulnerable parts that could damage your watch, it is best to remove it if your watch strap can be removed. After removing the watch strap, put it in a combination of detergent and water. This will remove all the dirt that is also present in the small parts. There may be a small, inaccessible area that you may not be able to access to clean that area, but you can easily do this by placing a watch strap in a combination of water and detergent. After you put the watch strap in the combination of detergent and water, remove it and wipe all the corners with wet wipes.

If you see that your watch is still dirty and its stains do not disappear even with the use of wet wipes, you can use this part through your teeth. You may be wondering how a toothpick can be used to clean your watch, but in this section, we will tell you how to use a toothpick to clean your watch. Wrap a piece of wet towel around the toothpick and use it to clean small and inaccessible parts. Of course, it is very important to pay attention that the toothpick does not tear the wet tissue, because rejecting this condition Tooth decay can cause scratches on the watch.

After that, you can use a toothbrush that has a soft brush to remove stains on the watch and remove. When you have finished cleaning the stains and dirt on the watch, you can remove the moisture on the watch with a microfiber cloth that is soft and clean.


Make sure that no part of the watch is wet, as moisture can damage the watch.

  • Cleaning the steel watch using soap and water: In this method of cleaning the watch, you must first clean your watch to remove the dust on it and then you can clean your watch more clearly. At this stage, you should first clean your watch with a soft cloth so that the dust is removed, and you can remove the layer of dirt and grime on the watch. You can use paper towels to do this, but the best option is to use microfiber fabrics, because microfiber fabrics are soft.

After that, you can put your watch in a mixture of soap and water to remove all the dirt and grime. But it is very important to note that in making the combination of water and soap, you must use lukewarm water. It is very important, and you should pay attention to the fact that the water that you use to make the mixture to clean the watch, should not be too cold and should not be too hot. The lukewarm mode is the best mode for combining soap and water. Even the most durable watches can be damaged by the combination of very hot water and soap.

Therefore, make a combination of lukewarm water and soap in a container and put your watch in that combination if it is waterproof, and if your watch is not waterproof and its bonds are detachable, it is better to separate its straps so that only its straps are in the water combination. put. In this case, all the dirt and grime on the watch strap will be removed. But if you see that the impurities on the watch did not go away, you can add a drop of non-chemical detergent to the mixture to scale.

After that, you can use a toothbrush to remove all the dirt that is behind the clock slot, and after that, you can also use a towel to clean the moisture of the clock. Even if the humidity of your watch is so high that it does not dry with a towel or towel, you can heat the hair dryer at a distance from the watch until the moisture dries.

  • Cleaning the leather strap of the watch: If you have a watch that has a leather strap, you should be very careful, because leather straps are very sensitive. But if you want to clean the leather strap of your watch, you can remove the strap from the watch. After that, use a clean and dry cloth to remove all stains on it to remove dust.

After that, you can wash the leather strap directly using soap. After cleaning the leather strap with soap, you must be careful not to soak the leather strap. To clean the soap on the leather strap, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the soap on the leather strap of the watch.