What is Acrylic Crystal Glass?

As they know, the watch is made up of parts, one of which is the glass. As you can see in watches, the glass is placed to protect the hands and internal elements of the watch so that it can take care of them and prevent the entry of dust and harmful factors. The glasses that are placed on the watches are used with the aim of protecting the watches of the watch and all the components of the watch, and for this reason, it is better to pay attention to the type and material of the watch when buying it for ourselves, so that we can buy it well. Be careful.

Some people may not pay attention to this point when buying a watch, but it is worth noting that the material and type of watch glass is very important to protect the watch and we must be careful in choosing it.

Glass is one of the most important and main components of watches in different types of crystal watches, watches, sports watches, etc.

Below are the different types of watch protection glass inserted.


Different types of watch glass

  • Acrylic glasses for watches: One of the watch glasses that is cheap is acrylic watch glass. This type of glass is made of compressed plastics. It should be noted that since the price of this type of glass is very low and you do not need to pay much for them, it can be used in many hours. In other words, we can say that because the cost of this glass Is less used in many hours. Of course, it is also important to know that because the cost of these glasses is low, they are used more in fake watches, not original watches.

These glasses have more flexibility than other glasses. Flexibility means that the object that falls to the ground with a satin acrylic glass breaks very hard and is damaged. The high degree of flexibility of these glasses makes them more durable and break very late. In other words, we can say that the high flexibility of these protective glasses minimizes and reduces the possibility of breaking the watch and the glass.

We mentioned above that this type of glass has a high flexibility that makes the watch less likely to break, but it is worth noting that this type of glass because it is made of compressed plastic, like other glass, cannot protect the watch. . In other words, we can say that this type of glass is vulnerable to scratches and scratches easily and cannot protect for hours. In general, if we want to say, this type of glass has high flexibility and can be resistant to impact, but because their material is compressed plastic and its price is low, they cannot be resistant to scratches and easily remove scratches.

This type of glass is mostly used in sports and sports watches. The advantage of this type of glass is that it is impact resistant and less expensive. You do not need to pay a high price for high-strength protective glass. But the only disadvantage of this type of glass is that it cannot have any resistance to scratches and can easily remove scratches.

  • Mineral glass: This type of glass, which is also called mineral crystals, is more resistant than acrylic glass and crystals. This type of glass is also called Hardlex glass. Hardlex glass or mineral crystal are one. The price of this type of glass is also low and compared to acrylic glass, they have a good resistance in maintaining the watch, because this type of glass, with its structural type, can take good care of the watch and its elements.

Mineral glass is made from a combination of glass and several materials, and for this reason, the composition is about 7 times more resistant to scratches and lines than acrylic crystals. This type of glass is often used in watches that are neither high cost nor low cost. The price of this type of glass is low compared to ruby ​​crystals and for the same reason, it is mostly used in watches with normal prices. Compared to acrylic glass and crystals, they have a high resistance to scratches, and compared to ruby ​​crystals, they are also less resistant.

In other words, we can say that mineral crystals are the most suitable for watches with normal prices. Because of the reasonable price and relatively good resistance to impact and scratches, this type of glass has become the most suitable protective glass for watches and is more widely used.

But keep in mind that if you have a watch that has a protective glass made of mineral, be careful that sharp objects do not hit the screen, which will not damage it.


It is worth noting that this type of glass compared to acrylic glass, because they are made of silica, can also have a good scratch resistance. In other words, we can say that these types of glasses can take good care of the impact and scratches for hours, because they are made of silica and that is why they have a low and reasonable price. This type of glass is reasonably priced, given the benefits we have mentioned.

It also has good impact resistance and can also withstand scratches and protect the watch. It is used in almost most watches.

The advantage of Hardlex glass or mineral crystals is that they have good scratch resistance compared to acrylic crystals. In addition to good scratch resistance, they can withstand sharp impacts and protect against shocks for hours. . Because the task and role of glass in watches is to protect the watches from scratches and impact.

  • Sapphire crystal: Sapphire crystal, crystal sapphire or sapphire is also called, which is made of crystallized aluminum oxide and has the natural properties of ruby. Because of the colorless glass, it can be used to make protective glass for the watch. Of course, the hardness of sapphire is less than diamond, and for this reason it can be the most suitable option for scratch-resistant glass. It is worth noting that this type of glass is very durable. The ruby ​​crystal is very strong and can show good resistance against scratches and has a good performance in protecting the watch against impact. But unlike the other glasses mentioned above, these types of glasses are mostly used in expensive watches. Because of their strength, they have high impact resistance and scratches and can protect the watch well. But the difference between ruby ​​crystal and other glasses is that the price of ruby ​​crystals is high, and they cannot be easily used at all hours. The strength and durability of this type of glass is very high, so that even if you want to scratch or scratch on this glass using sharp tools such as knives or anything else, you will not succeed. Ruby crystals and cutting them must be used with diamonds so that using diamonds can be cut and scratched.

The positive point of this type of glass is that it has a very high resistance in protecting the watch and its elements. In this case, even with the use of sharp tools such as knives, scratches cannot be created on it. Therefore, it can be said that the resistance of ruby ​​crystal to both impact and scratches is high, and it is mostly used in luxury and expensive watches.

Another positive point of ruby ​​crystal is that its display resolution is very high, and it can display the watch in a clear and attractive way for a person. But one drawback is that this type of glass has a high cost and therefore cannot be used in many of them. He wasted hours. Therefore, ruby ​​crystal is used only in expensive watches.